My First Solo Bike Pack-trip on Mother’s Day in the Red Desert

MAY 18, 2020

I’m know I’m not the only one navigating an endless maze of emotions lately. I’ll wake up happy to be healthy and alive only to be teary-eyed later in the day for no apparent reason. But of course there are many reasons. But there are also reasons to be hopeful.

Being out on the land centers me and reminds me that we are just a small part of what makes up this beautiful world that we live in. No matter what is happening on the human stage, desert flowers are blooming in all their glory and antelope will give birth to their twin fawns in a few weeks. All this life is happening whether we are there to bear witness or not.

My forays into these vast open spaces are a pilgrimage of sorts. I return home with my heart and soul overflowing and dreaming of the next time.

Arches, caves, ledges with raven nests, bluebird nests hidden in the sagebrush, hidden springs, elk and antelope, and unexpected desert wildflowers. These are a few of my favorite things.

— Kathleen Browning

My First Solo Bikepack Trip ~ Mother’s Day in the Honeycomb Buttes

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