The northern Red Desert is Wyoming’s wild west heritage

A place where sweeping vistas, iconic landforms, big game, cultural sites and diverse wildlife abound.


Tribal nations, hunters, outfitters, hikers, wilderness lovers, and wildlife enthusiasts all boast of deep connections to the Red Desert. The opportunities for exploration are endless.

Wildlife & Hunting

A wildlife Serengeti in the west, the Red Desert supports a host of creatures.


Whether a hiker, motorcyclist, biker, or photographer, choose your adventure.

Cultural Lands

Since time immemorial, Indigenous people have lived, traveled through, and hunted in the Red Desert’s rich lands.

Historic Trails

The Red Desert includes sections of the Oregon, California and Mormon Trails as well as the Pony Express mail route.


Ancient landforms create striations of colors, patters, and forms that take the break away.


The Red Desert is the largest desert unfenced landscape in the lower-48 and contains nine Wilderness Study Areas.

We need your help

For over a century, Wyoming residents have fought to have a federal designation to protect this place, and now, in 2021, Citizens for the Red Desert are determined to make it finally happen.

Join us in our mission to protect it and put an end to the Red Desert’s uncertain future.