From towering buttes to intricate badlands, from ribbons of sand dunes to remote springs . . .

Killpecker Sand Dunes. Image: Nic Wegner.

the Northern Red Desert is a unique and diverse landscape that entices explorers of every stripe. Adventurers seeking solitude, families camping for a weekend, hunters scouting for elk, as well as birders, rock-hounds, artists, horseback riders, and countless others enjoy the ruggedness and open spaces of the Northern Red Desert.

Honeycomb Buttes. Image: Nic Wegner.

The landscape is rich with the history of the American West, from early Native American petroglyphs to the ruts of the Oregon Trail. It is home to easy-to-spot pronghorn and hard-to-find horned lizards—species that thrive on an array of native plants and springs that dot the sagebrush sea. Vast sections of these public lands—administered by the Bureau of Land Management—are largely untouched by humans.

Oregon Trail Historical Marker. Image: Joe Grimm.

So tread lightly and enjoy your time among the buttes and badlands. But beware: you will want to return again and again.

Boar’s Tusk. Image: Josh Milek.